Who are we

We are two friends from Denmark – one of us, Peter, lives in Copenhagen, while Jorgen lives in Zürich, Switzerland.

6 years ago, we invested in 5 houses in France, the house in Casseneuil inclusive. We bought one house in Nice that we renovated separated into individual apartments for sale. We just finished the renovation of the last half of the apartments, which are now for sale.

The other 3 houses that we sold are all in the south-west of France and our house in Casseneuil is the last one that we have renovated. We bought the house in Casseneuil because we identified a great potential in the house.

Today, 6 years later, we know that we made the right choice: after the renovation, the 5 apartments in the house exceed our expectations and we are very pleased with the result of the renovation. We hope that you will be too.

Due to the times and circumstances at the moment we sell the apartments at a very reasonable price, however, not below cost price as we are not economically dependent on the sales.