The Local Area

In the more immediate area around Casseneuil you find beautiful scenery with rivers and lots of cultural and other activities:



Sports and activities

On the markets and in the supermarkets in Villeneuve-Sur-Lot you find everything you need but in general, the food markets around Casseneuil have fantastic offerings with farmers bringing fresh, crisp food, the famous Perigord truffles, prunes from Agen and all the other fantastic delicacies of France.

If you like wine, this is the place to be. There is an absolute abundance of chateaus, wine stores and markets in the region of France in which Casseneuil is located with the world world-famous wines of Cahors, Bordeaux, Bergerac, Cognac, Gaillac, Armagnac and more. Chateuas in all of these wine districts offer a plethora of events such as slow food picnics, wine tastings, talks about wine and much more.

You find a palette of wonderful options and possibilities all within a radius of about 45 minute drive from Casseneuil: fantastic restaurants, wine chateaus, castles, and possibilities for sports activities such as horseback riding, mountain biking, rowing, canoeing, foods, wines, antique markets and much more.



The Lot river

Another, and very beautiful, local attraction is the town of Villeneuve-sur-Lot, only a 10 minute drive away from Casseneuil. Divided by the Lot River, this town represents a beautiful piece of French history: it was founded in 1254 and as you walk through the town, the ancient atmosphere immediately reaches you as you wander in between old arches, towers, arcades and churches. In this town you find one of the non-touristy markets that the area around Casseneuil offers on Tuesdays and Saturdays where you can by delicious French cuisine such as cheeses, truffle, olives, fresh meat, vegetables and all sorts of lovely cuisine.

If you are looking for a French atmosphere to be found few other places, visit the town of Pujols, which is also only about 10 minutes away from Casseneuil. Despite consisting of basically only one street and an additional alley and two churches, it is extremely picturesque and with a wonderful atmosphere. Also, it offers beautiful and scenic views.

Along the banks of the lot River, locals often fish, have nice barbeques for lunch or dinner or just relax with a book under the shades of the luxuriant trees.

If you enjoy great restaurants, this is also the place to be. Within a radius of up to 42 kilometres/26 miles from Casseneuil you find no less than 7 Michelin starred restaurants. The closest one to Casseneuil is called La Table des Sens and is located in Villeneuve-sur-Lot, only about 8 kilometres/5 miles from Casseneuil. In addition to a Michelin star, this restaurant has also received the “charming restaurants” honour from Michelin. As emphasised in the Michelin Guide, ”The chef‘s successful career can be tasted in his work” and La Table des Sens’ specialities include raviole de homard bleu aux épices vadouva, ris de veau caramélisé à la truffe noire, tartelette croustillante aux prunes d‘Ente and glace à la vanille Bourbon. Approx. 32 kilometres/20 miles away from Casseneuil you find a two-starred Michelin Restaurant called Michel Trama in the charming little town Puymirol. Michel Trama‘s signature dish is a foie gras hamburger, which emphasises this restaurant’s culinary spirit that wavers between tradition and invention.

As is illustrated to the right, the climate in Casseneuil is very pleasant. The fact that the temperature falls rather drastically at night makes sleeping at night very comfortable as the temperature in the apartments is then accordingly low at night. In other words, this area of France is characterised by weather that is warm and pleasant but with a low degree of humidity, which entails very pleasant temperatures both at day and night.