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For information on square metres and prices for each of the five apartments, we refer to the apartments' real estate agent, Vialex Immobilier International - click here

In the gallery below you see various pictures of the five apartments. Under each apartment's specific page you will find the pictures that are from this specific apartment.
Note that there are most pictures of ground floor left and first floor right, only a few pictures of first floor left and second floor and unfortunately, no pictures yet of ground floor right. However, all apartments are renovated in the same style and quality, and hence, all pictures represent all apartments in terms of style, quality, materials, etc.

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General information:

  • The apartments are for sale individually but can also be bought together
  • All apartments are sold with furniture, kitchen and closets. However, the apartments can also be sold without furniture and kitchen – the price will in this case be adjusted accordingly
  • As can be seen in the overview and on each apartment’s information, the apartments range in size but all have a high ceiling
  • The apartments on ground floor have an exit to a small park and the apartments on the first floor have a balcony
  • Due to the fact that the apartment on the first floor to the left is biggest, this apartment is especially suitable for sharing. However, all apartments can be bought for sharing. In case you want to share the apartment you have the option of buying it in co-ownership, in which case we have an already existing contract
The five apartments have been totally, but gently renovated with respect for the characteristics of each apartment and with focus on quality, aesthetics and choice of materials. When you see the apartments you will immediately notice how high quality is a common denominator for all aspects of the house; from the outside to the inside, to choice of materials, to aesthetic taste and choices.

Address of the apartments:

13-15 Rue de la Tonnellerie
47440 Casseneuil