Apartment 2

Apartment 2 – Ground Floor Right

For more information on square metres and prices for each of the five apartments, we refer to the apartments' real estate agent, Vialex Immobilier International - click here

This apartment has an entrance, separate toilet and bath, a kitchen and a total of 3 rooms: two bedrooms and a connected living- and dining room. There is one double bed in each of the bedrooms but possibility to have approx. 2 more people staying overnight in the living room.

From the kitchen you have access to a little green park located right by the river and with a beautiful view.

Note that there are only pictures of two of the five apartments - ground floor left and first floor right. This is due to the fact that these two apartments are the only ones that are currently furnished. However, all apartments are renovated in the same style and quality as the two apartments depicted in the pictures.