5 newly renovated and very charming apartments for sale close to Bordeaux in the south-west of France

Wine, food and scenery

Casseneuil, the town in which the apartments are located, oozes of authentic French style and charm: smell, feel and watch the French atmosphere while taking a stroll down the beautiful and antique streets of the town and enjoy the splendid wines, food and scenery of the real France.

French atmosphere

The streets and sewers in Casseneuil have recently been renovated, and generally, the town is very well-maintained, neat and clean. Furthermore, the people that live in the town are very friendly and there is a great atmosphere in the couple of little cafés scattered around town.

Sports and culture

While the local environment around Casseneuil offers a peaceful and scenic environment, the larger surrounding area provides a wide range of opportunities for cultural enrichment, sports- and leisure activities, historical sights and beautiful French cities.

Non-touristy area

Due to the fact that the apartments are located in a non-touristy area - which we actually consider one of the apartments’ biggest forces - they are listed at half price of what is the case for similar apartments in heavily touristy areas and, therefore, have great value for money.